Friday, March 9, 2012

Today; a combination of doctors and horses

Good morning. It's a TGIF morning. The sun is out and although it won't be warm here in the Chicago area, it will be pretty.

I will be spending the morning at the doctor's office, refilling prescriptions and
checking out my head. That's always a fun time. I love talking about myself.

Which reminds me. Friends, let your friends talk about themselves. I have a few friends who constantly want to talk only about themselves. It gets tedious, especially if you have something you want to say, or a problem you may want to work out. I'm finding myself eating icecream a lot these days. A bad thing for a confirmed diabetic. Have to remind myself to quit that. Well, it's Culvers custard.
Can you blame me?

Spending the afternoon at the barn with my two gentle (and sometimes) ungentle giants. Smokey and Jackson. I'm worried about Smokey. Some physical things are showing that are scaring me. If you remember, Smokey had EPM several years ago.
After months of doctoring and rehabbing, he's been fit as a fiddle. He does drag his back feet when coming out of his stall, but usually walks out of it, when he realizes he CAN. He can kick out behind him as good as the next squirrely horse.

Yesterday, I had a friend get on him. I noticed his stifle area (top of the hind leg)
was stiffer than normal. Feet are still dragging. His front shoulder muscles now seem to have tremors (maybe that's not the right word) or mini-trembles (also not the right word) I realize his feet aren't growing out properly. Maybe my fault. I got hold of my shoer and we realized we hadn't set up a routine visit for this month. So, he will come out on Monday. He's walking on his frog, heels are down in front. Balance and new shoes will be the issue for him. I also called out the vet and am waiting for a call. It's shot time, anyway. Meanwhile, I'm getting my very, own ulcer. I've earned it-worked for it. I'll enjoy it the best I can.

Writing? Huh? What's that? I've just started back into my blogging again. I think that might help get some of this off my chest.

Have a good day everyone. And, remember. IT'S FRIDAY. (Once again, I'm not editing this post, so if there are mistakes, and there should be, if I'm doing my job) It's my own stupid fault.




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Micki Peluso is the author of "And the Whippoorwill Sang" said...

Wow, you're having your hands full again. Maybe if smokey is getting sick you might want o hold onto Jackson for a while. changes in smokey's life and yours are not always good. I have best blogger award to pass on to you but no idea how to do it. My blog is down because Googlechrome insists I have to switch or Blogger won't run right--well that's the truth. so tired of this crap. I don't see where to follow your blog??

Hang in there

Love, Micki