Friday, January 11, 2013

Smokey and Kindle Sales

The veterinarian was out today and looked at Smokey.

He took blood samples for a test for EPM ( a newer and more accurate test) and one for muscle deterioration. Hopefully, we'll find neither. Fingers can be crossed, but fear creeps into my heart nonetheless.

WATERLILIES OVER MY GRAVE (see right panel) seems to be sparking more interest. It's down to 22,000 (approximately) but I'm not sure how that relates to sales. I've also bought a number of Kindle books which I'll review and post on Amazon.

SUNSHINE a chldren's book by Linda Hale was the first book I read. It was adorable with lovable illustrations. It's a motivational book for younger readers about a girl who loves to smile and make people happy. She met an old man who was a persistent at being a grump as she was at trying to make him smile. This story tells of how she managed to achieve changing a grumpy old man into a smiler and how compromise sometimes gets us what we want in the end.

Bravo Linda. I loved it.

So, back to reading another book. Lots to choose from-so little time.

Night all. Tomorrow, I should have another review.


It's 9:42 and all is well.

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