Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm going to ask you all to do me a favor. Would you please put "WAterlilies" on your Amazon "wish list?" YOu don't have to buy it, but somehow,
Amazon improves the ranking of a book that is on many wish lists. I'm not sure why this is so, but it is. I'm grateful for that feature. So, maybe
you will do that for me. If you want me to reciprocate, I will be glad to do it.

LEGACY CONTINUED: That is the arduous task of editing, waiting for critiques from my partner, re-editing and rewriting when necessary.

So far I haven't had to do much rewriting. I'm afraid if I do, the threads will unravel, and I'll go screaming into my horse's stall and never come out.
Rewriting is a horror. So there. That's how I feel.

I and my crit partner (bless her) have caught many small things, that probably could add up to large ones in a publisher's mind. Hopefully, my book will
reach 100k. That's what I'm aiming at. The chapters are long, yes, and I think they can be divided into smaller ones. I've always liked reading books that
have shorter chapters, but I also aim my book to have some sort of hook at the end of each that will take the reader into the next chapter without putting it down.
If I cut the chapters in two, then I'm not sure that will work.

STATIC TRAITS: Do any of you know about static traits? One of the techniques I've learned over the years. A static trait is something a character does throughout
the book, which eventually will change the course of the story. For instance: In Legacy, Elena runs away from too much conflict. She huffs out of situations.
Her static trait leads her to huff away from the man who would protect her and right into the arms of the enemy. (not related to my novel "In the Arms of the Enemy."
Alex, Elena's love interest and DEA agent has a habit of picking up books from bookcases, tables, floors, desks, any place that has a a book and leads him to discover
Elenas past letters to her husband, now deceased. He learns enough to turn the plot upside down. Mikhail, a secondary but important character, listens to conversations
anywhere he can. This also leads the plot forward. Fortunately, Mikhail is on the good guys side.

So, I have to make sure there is enough static trait throughout the book and that each character has enough personality to enhance that trait.

So much for static traits.

I'll dwell more on plot development next time.

Enjoy your blueberry muffins and coffee. I can just smell the coffee starting to perk, now.


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