Monday, February 25, 2013

Thought I'd give you another image of a castle, this one in Bavaria, Germany. I believe it's Neuschwanstein Castle, built by "Mad King" Ludwig 11, who bankrupt
the German treasury. Just thought you ought to know. European history (as well as American) is fascinating.) Anyway, it's an awe inspiring place with the mountains
in the background. I had the good fortune to visit there, while I was singing in a German theater in Coburg. Germany is truly a gorgeous place.

LEGACY: is coming along. I got a critique from my crit partner, Neva, yesterday. Chapter two found a lot of "eyes." Ten of them no less. Echoes (or words used many times--important ones used more than once in any given chapter or scene) are frowned upon. So, I spent this morning coming up with synonyms and other descriptors for my use of eyes. I did keep in wide-eyed. Couldn't think of anything that would remotely resemble that word. If you're wide-eyed, then you're wide-eyed. Grin.

SADDLES AND CINCHES: Here's one I don't run into every day. Yesterday, I saddled Smokey. Cinched him up. Walked into the indoor riding arena and tightened the girth, lunged him a good half hour. I reviewed my girth. (I seem to review everything, even though it's a horse and not a book). Tight enough. No problem. I rode Smokey a good forty-five minutes, mostly at a walk and jog, with circling exercises in between. When I got off my horse, my saddle came with me. No kidding. It slipped onto his side.
Am I really that heavy? The darned thing stayed in place throughout lunging and riding. Didn't move a hair. When I got off, another story. I couldn't move the saddle back or rather back onto his back (see the echo I'm talking about?) Couldn't release the cinch. The buckle wouldn't give from either side. By this time, the saddle was almost underneath him, and Smokey was annoyed. Strange about that horse. He's such a mensch. He stood perfectly still like a gentleman. And yes, he was really annoyed. Kept giving me the "evil eye." Fortunately, Mike, our esteemed stableman came to the rescue. (he heard my cry for help.) Between the two of us, he was able to uncinch him and put the saddle back where it belonged. Can hardly wait for today. I wonder what Smokey will think when he sees that saddle coming. (singing: Back in the Saddle again . . . )

I changed the blueberry muffins this morning to banana nut--actually, I ate oatmeal, grapefruit slices and coffee. The muffins are for my blogging guests. Enjoy.
The sun's out and we're waiting for the blizzard which may or may not hit tomorrow. Meanwhile, even though it's cold, I've been told spring is coming.

Have a great day. If you're a writer--write. If you're a reader--read. If you're a horseperson--ride. And, if you're a dog person, remember they truly are your best friend. Love on them. Take them for a walk and feed them well. God may treat you the way you treat your animals when you get to heaven. And, if you abuse them, you may never get there. So, remember that.

Pat, reader, writer, horse person, dog person, musician and studier of life.

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