Thursday, March 21, 2013

As you all probably know, I'm an advocate for the horse. (and other animals) Right now, certain states and the US Government are creating laws that would once again
make slaughter houses legal. They are rounding up the mustangs in the west and either auctioning them off to individuals or . . . I know it's illegal to slaughter
these wild horses, but, from what I read and understand, covertly, they are selling them to "kill" buyers. Karen Hansen Downs is an advocate against horse slaughter
and she wrote a pot in Facebook that I wanted to share with you.

Karen Hansen Downs
Karen Hansen Downs updated her status:

"You a taxpayer I am getting totally sick of bailing people out!! We had to bail out the banks during the mortgage crisis...they loaned out the money! We had to bail out the people who tried to live above their means. We have to pay for all the people who refuse to get a job. We pay millions of dollars to agriculture. I get the whole ag thing, we do after all consume the product. But now the Ag industry and horse breeders want us to bail their asses out due to their bad business planning! I am sorry folks, but disposal of your animals is your problem! It is not the problem of the American taxpayers. It is YOUR cost for owning and being in the business of horses. Quite simply put...who makes money on this venture? Horse breeder overbreeds, race horse owners have a losing stock, AQHA depends on registrations for money. They have surplus...they sell their surplus to a slaughter dealer, they make money. The dealer in turn sells to the slaughterhouse, he makes money. They slaughterhouse sells the product (overseas. It is illegal in the U.S. for consumption). The slaughterhouse makes money. All subsidized by the citizens of the U.S. Where in this equation do you see a benefit to the American people!? NO ONE makes money on this but the people directly involved! And BIG AG want us to pay our tax dollars to have the USDA inspect a product the American people do not even use! Even if you are a horse hater, hopefully you can understand business! To the varied horse associations, cattle ranchers, private horse owners out there that support horse slaughter ...SHOVE IT!!! It is the cost of owning a horse and the cost of doing business and I do NOT want to pay for your disposal methods!!!!"

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