Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring? Not quite here yet

Well, I guess Spring isn't quite here yet. It's flurrying here in Chicagoland, but the GOOD NEWS IS we're only supposed to get eight inches rather than the twelve they'd origanlly predicted. A good day to stay indoors, catch up with my writing (all things Legacy, at the moment) and read through Email. (the list of indoor activities is daunting) I'm editing the chapter where Elena finally goes to Romania with Alex. When did they get their passports you may well ask. Hmm. Not mentioned anywhere. So, I will go back to chapter one and extend a conversation where Elena mentions to Alex's sister, Marina, that she (that is Elena) and her grandmother, Magda, were going to Romania in the Summer. That way, they'll be no question that she'd gotten her passport. Unfortunately, Magda was murdered shortly before the story begins. Note to self: Check out Schipohl Airport in Amsterdam. I did quite a bit of research on that magnificent place when I first wrote Legacy, but I'm not sure if anything has changed since then. It was its own city; it's own shopping mall. A place I'd love to see, but will have to wait until I sell a million copies of one of my books. (sigh)

If you haven't discovered John Kremer, you should. He's a book marketing guru (from where I sit), and he has a list of "quotable" books. In fact, one of his websites is called www.quotable books.com. Books full of qreat quotes. Below is an example. He also sends a newsletter, which is chock full of useful information and websites.



Have a great day. Use it wisely. It only comes once in a lifetime.

Patricia A. Guthrie

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