Sunday, December 14, 2014

Alice Kemp's new novel THE TASTE OF HER

Here's a new book by author Alice A Kemp. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to post the photo of Alice's cover. You can go to her blog sit at http//  Alice offers advice on how she plots her stories in this short article. I'll have to check out Michael Hauge's Story Mastery. 

Thanks, Patricia, for the opportunity to do a posting for your blog. The topic I chose is my last book, The Taste of Her, which came out as an ebook on December 2.

Margaret Angelo, a New Orleans homicide detective, works to catch a serial killer, the Slasher. Despite the sexism of the NOPD, she heads the task force to stop this killer, who kidnaps women, assaults them, and gets off on licking their bodies before he kills them. Although devoted to her job, Margaret longs for a life partner. She reconnects with a high school acquaintance, Jim, whom she hires to paint her house. They begin a relationship, but Margaret is kidnapped by the Slasher and faces certain death. The other detectives manage to rescue her although the Slasher escapes their trap. He is losing control and hunts Margaret down, determined to finish her. With Jim’s support, can she escape this mad man?

Some words from the author: "I love the cover - a bloody knife against a brick wall with a length of heavy chains. This was the first draft the art folks sent me. Fearing that Debby Gilbert, the publisher and my editor at Soul Mate Publishing, would think it was too creepy, the art director superimposed the face of woman beside the knife. Debby said, and I agree, we have to let potential readers know this is a romantic suspense, not horror.

I plot my stories using Michael Hauge’s Story Mastery structure with his five key turning points. He’s spoken twice at the annual Romance Writers of America convention, and I’ve learned a great deal from him."

The Red Halter Top, Soul Mate Publishing on Amazon.
The Jury Scandal, Soul Mate Publishing on Amazon.
The Taste of Her,  Soul Mate Publishing,
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Alice Abel Kemp said...

Beautiful website, Patricia, and I like the title--the Cottage of Blog. Thanks for letting me post about my book. Have a great day.

Patricia A. Guthrie said...

You're welcome Alice.