Monday, January 19, 2015


Boy, it's lonely in here. No comments.  

Many people are viewing--watching--waiting.  For what? For that perfect blog that is witty, charismatic and full of profound knowledge? Not me.  I'm not full of wisdom or knowledge. When I write an article, I have to research my topic, find the sources or search the people I know for information. People. Always back to people.

This weekend has been one of nostalgia for me. Like many, I'm downsizing my life. (although you'd never know it by my interest in horses, writing, singing and bible study. (I'd love to do a blog on Mary Magdalene some day. I love her.) What caught my attention was the drawers full of letters and cards I've received throughout the good times and the bad, during the course of my life. There was always someone there, cheering me on or consoling the deaths and good-bad events. Many--or most of these cherished friends are lost from death of losing touch. 

I've always tried to be a good friend. Sometimes I've chosen the wrong people, at other times, I've allowed myself to move on and not look back. No, my friends, at some point, you have to look back. You'll find that those people you've let go are some pretty special people. I've found many in those letters. 

Why did I move on and lose touch? Why do most people in this restless country move on? Job opportunities? Family obligations? Marriage? Divorce? (Just read "Waterlilies Over My Grave" a good example of how one woman moves half way across the country leaving her family and loved ones to escape an abusive marriage).

Back then, you could communicate in two ways. One by expensive long distance telephone calls or writing letters. I wasn't great at keeping touch, a failing I'll always regret. 

Today, we have it so much easier.  We hear all the negatives about the social media--Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, EMails, Electronic Cards (which are lovely, incidentally. I highly recommend Jacquie Lawson. Her cards are exquisite with beautiful music and animated features.) It's as easy as "write and send." 

Probably why the post office is having so many financial problems. 

We're lucky today. There's no reason to "escape" from potentially great friendships. Yes, we have to be careful of FB, LI, Twitters and Cyberspace in general. That's too bad. But, looking at the entire picture, I think this media is an excellent way to communicate. Just be careful what you say and know who you're saying it to. 

So there. This is my mournful blog for the day.

Meanwhile,  I'm writing for "The Nature Place"  I'm forever working on "Legacy of Danger" my novel that dates back from the 90's. Still trying to get my hero and heroine out of the dreaded castle. Constantly thinking about new topics for this blog and looking for writers who might contribute. So, the best is yet to come.

If any of you have any thoughts please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you. 

You'll notice I'm blocking my paragraph format. It's much easier than the indents.

Take care my precious world of silent friends. I know you're out there. 


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