Friday, March 27, 2015

Busy day in writing cottage.

Marketing is key, so I'm trying to figure out all these sites: Facebook (lose fan page everytime I try to post) 
Linked In (ouch my head hurts with all the discussions)  Twitter (HOW many characters may I have? WHERE do I get my followers?) Authors Den (HOW many readers and HOW many authors does it take to sell a book?) Shelfari (now Amazon, a changing picture) Goodreads (HOW many authors and HOW many readers? HOW do you navigate?) and, I just joined Indiewriters for small press and self-published authors, so I don't have any questions yet. 

I'm still waiting for my website to come up online. Still tweaking, but probably will do that until they lay me to rest somewhere. 

Starting Nanomowri (sure it's an anacronym for something) on April 1st. Today, I'll be doing more research. 

My research book on horse theft is: Horse Theft  Been There--Done That by Debi Metcalfe. Debi's Netposse and Stolen orse International started when Debi's horse, Idaho was stolen from his pasture in 1997. They found him again 51 weeks later. Here is what Debi said:  "The story of Idaho is more than a simple narrative of searching for a stolen animal. Idaho's disappearance tested all of us in many ways. But one thing became clear to me the day Harold and I held on to each other and wept. The thief took far more than our horse."  

A lump comes into my throat everytime I read that. So much that I've been sitting on a story for the past two years. "Stolen Horses; Broken Dreams." I start my first draft next week. Her book is a valuable resource and for all you horse owners, please buy a copy and read it. 

Two other books, more toward the technical side of writing that I am re-reading is Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass (yes, THAT Donald Maass, the well-known literary agent) and thumbing through First Draft in 30 Days by Karen S. Wiesner. I read that before I wrote In the Arms of the Enemy.

Enough of the blogging for today. I'm off to do my research. 

Happy reading and writing and cheers. 


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