Monday, March 23, 2015

Horses, Our Teachers by Julie Williams

I was interesting in Julie's approach to writing and blogging. She gave me permission to use this post. 

Your welcome to use this one:
"To the lady worrying about the decisions for her horse as it reaches old age and infirmity...

Our horses are our teachers. They teach us how to take hold, how to let go, how to be brave, how to cry, how to live and how to die. We are so afraid to feel the pain, yet they are there to teach us how to do that too. They teach us things we never will forget. No, we are not the same after loss. Many times we discover that we cannot embrace new loves with the same old wild abandon as before. Perhaps we merely love more realistically. Loving hurts because it takes us into the depths of life's journey. But, such is the journey in life, and you won't let the mare down. You will love, let her go when it is time, and allow her memory to guide you with the youngsters. Yes, loving hurts--because it takes us into the depths of life's journey, but it is worth it."
                                                       (c) Julie Williams


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