Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday and Holy Week

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Today is Palm Sunday a day of anticipation of the Lord's journey into Jerusalem and the people's adulation. Just like us, love can turn to hate or apathy very quickly. One minute they love you, the next they're screaming "crucify." How many of us has had something similar happen to us? Friend one minute; enemy the next. Beloved employee one minute, out on the street the next.

During the week, the Pharisees had their eyes on Jesus as his popularity exploded onto the streets of Jerusalem. During the week, Jesus went to the Temple and furious with the sacrilege, took matters into his own hands and wrecked a large part of the temple. Overturned money changer booths, let out the sacrificial birds and so forth. You go Jesus! It would be like us setting up banks, ATM machines, bazaars and sacrifice altars in our own churches. The most we have are the occasional bazaar or fund raising yard and bake sales. (or are there churches that have ATM machines? If so, I haven't heard of any. And, as far as I know, I have seen any birds in church, either.)

But, Palm Sunday really is an amazing and beautiful service. The music and ritual is glorious. The service is a preview of all that will befall Jesus during this week. A scary and sad proposition. First betrayer, Judas and his trip to give authorities Jesus' whereabouts. Forty pieces of silver--information for money. A government informant, in the flesh. Then there were the rest of his disciples who turned tail and ran at the first sign of trouble. Have any of us done that?

Only Peter had any gumption. He cut off the ear of a servant. Poor servant. He was there minding his own business, wasn't even a soldier. Then--THEN Jesus healed him. You'd think someone would have gotten the hiint. He can perform miracles. I guess the soldiers were only doing their jobs too. God knows what would have happened to them if they'd left him alone. Anyway, it wasn't in the cards. This crucifixion was supposed to--meant to happen. The Roman soldiers--they were a brutal lot.

One thing that strikes me: How much blood seemed to be synonymous with God from the very first. The connection from Pagan ritual and sacrifices, until God took over the reins. Even Abraham thought the sacrifice of his beloved Isaac was what God wanted. Until, God intervened. Whew! The folks had sacrifice indoctrinated in them from the beginning.

Then Jesus came along. The biggest sacrifice of all.

I'm going to have to do some research on blood, and its relationship with God.

I'm just getting started with Bible study and history. Don't know much. Not proclaiming myself any kind of expert. Just wondering. And writing about my wondering.

So, don't get mad at me. At least I care.


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