Saturday, March 21, 2015

This came in an email from marketing guru John Kremer. I've picked up many marketing tips from his website. I thought I'd share with you and then share his link. writes:
Video and Mobile: 2015’s Hot Marketing Tools
While video has been hot for over 10 years, it will only be getting hotter this year, especially on mobile. And, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you will lose visitors and sales. And, finally, if you aren’t using other mobile tools (apps, push notifications, etc.), you will be missing a lot of new opportunities. Yup, it’s the year of mobile and video in marketing!
Here are a few signs of this new year of mobile and video:
Twitter, the network of 140-character posts, is promoting video in a big way. At the end of 2014, they bought video ad network LiveRail as well as the SnappyTV video player. Twitter’s native video allows users to shoot and upload new videos directly via Twitter. And, of course, Twitter still has the six-second video app Vine.
Socialbakers, an analytics firm which tracks brands posting videos on Twitter, found that 82% of brands still share YouTube videos on Twitter while 16% use the native Twitter video app or Vines. But, and this is what is important to you, 70% of video retweets and favorites are Vine videos (not YouTube videos).
With the ease of taking photos and videos with smartphones, most websites are focusing more on images and videos and less on text.
As for mobile, the key tech isn’t apps. It’s push notifications, which have higher opt-in rates, lower price points, and more sophisticated analytics than email or SMS text.
The average smartphone user checks her smartphone 150 times per day.
More than one billion new smartphone users will come online in the next few years. That means the vast majority of people in the world will access the Internet via smartphones. Not computers. Not tablets. But smartphones.
Will you and your web presence be ready?

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Have a great day. Readers--read. Writers--read and write.


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