Monday, March 23, 2015

This week

This week is a mess.

Started out snowing, always a bad sign at the end of March. But, it's giving me an opportunity to sit here at my computer and work. As I've sworn to market-market-market, I'm researching sites, putting up my books and their synopsis, checking out a few contests and continuing re-working my new website. 

Reworking a website: First off, you have to make sure you haven't lost the original website in your computer-held site builder. Believe me, I know that first hand. I thought I'd lost it. Gag. I'm working on, and it seems easier than the Yahoo Sitebuilder I've had forever. The changes are difficult, because the paragraphing jumbles when the article transfers from one site to the other. 

I'm trying to build a fan page on Facebook and am not at all sure I know how to do it. But I will try. Yes I will. 

I'm also adding on my books to IDPA on Facebook, Shelfari, Goodreads, checking out the Amazon Professional Page, oh yes, and sending in Dixie's American Paint Horse Association papers.

Don't forget:  March 30th starts our 99 cent book sale on Amazon, 8:00 am sharp. It will run through April 6th. Both "Waterlilies Over My Grave" and "In the Arms of the Enemy" will be on the promotional sale. If you buy one or both, I do hope you'll write a review on Amazon for me. (all authors hope their readers will do this. It helps to promote, encourage and showcase the books and adds to the author's overall ratings.)

See synopsis on the right side of this blog.

okay, back to the nitty gritty of marketing.

Have a good one and stay warm.


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