Thursday, April 16, 2015

Book: Mango Days: A Teenager Facing Eternity Reflects on the Beauty of Life

This isn't an official review. I didn't post it on Amazon, but I may.

I was in a reflective mood. I wasn't feeling well, and Easter had just past. Jesus faced his crucifixion and ressurection. I picked up my Kindle and ran down the categories. There I came upon Mango Days: a teenager reflects on the beauty of life. 

This is an autobiography of Patty Smith a young teenage journalism student,who loved to read, write, go to the beach, shop, pal with her many friends, who learns she has non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a supposively curable form of bone cancer. I had a friend who had this disease. It was terminal for her as it was for Patty. 

I followed her through almost two years of discovery, treatment and finally her last days spent with family and her beloved beach in Hawaii, through letters and pages in her journal.

 I have to be in a mood to contemplate the dying process, but her story wasn't depressing. It made me teary-eyed, yes, but surprisingly uplifted to what fate may have in store for all of us. A certainty of death comes to all, but we can face that time with graciousness or anger, sadness, then resignation and dignity, and we can become ever closer to the one who made us.  She did all in turn. And, she saw heaven in every sunset. 

God bless you Patty. This one's for you. 



Micki Peluso said...

What a beautiful piece, almost a eulogy in its sad, yet uplifting words. I can relate well to this since my oldest daughter had this cancer and has survived 10 years. God willing, it will never return.

Patricia Guthrie said...

Thank God she has survived.