Friday, April 3, 2015

Reminder: "Waterlilies" and "Arms" are on sale for 99 cents (ebooks) at

Just a gentle reminder: "Waterlilies" and "Arms" are still on sale at for 99 cents (ebooks) 
See synopsis on right side of page. If you want more, reviews and an interview, first chapter are in my website pages.  So far, the sale has been going very well. After all, this is cheaper than a breakfast sandwich at McDonalds. How can you go wrong? Even with a print book, the price is not extreme (around $13.00) Cheap for any book now days. 

Stay tuned. I'm working on a Good Friday post. I should have it later this evening. I've thought about this all day, thinking something short of 2000 years ago, Christ was on the cross, nails in his wrists and feet, a crown of thorns wrapped around his head. 

We think executions here are bad? I wouldn't have wanted to be alive in those times. (or, if you believe in re-incarnation, maybe I was.) 


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