Friday, May 8, 2015

Monday Night Chat at Writer's Oasis about story "downtime."


I noticed my stats have been dwindling. Can understand that. I've come to see a blog like a home--or telephone. When you're never home, people stop calling you. When you come back, they start knocking at your door again. Or, emailing you. Or, reading your posts. I've missed you. 

We're having a great chat over at Writer's Oasis on AOL next Monday. It's about the importance of downtime in a novel. We had a "dry run" last night, and it was amazing at all the ideas shared and all the examples from novels, cited. If you're on AOL, you're all invited to stop by and listen and interact after the presentation.  Writer's Oasis is on Facebook, so you can check it out. It might be under the name Shirley Flanagan. She was the originator of Writer's Oasis and still takes an active, behind the scenes part in maintaining its integrity. There's nothing like interacting with other authors. 

Here's the "blurb."  Topic for Monday's chat on May 11, 2015.

Stories fraught with action and adventure aren’t only for summer movies. People of all ages seek adventures through novels and short stories. It's one of their favorite story forms.
Action is important in such stories, but characters and readers "need  breathers..." What are such breathing spaces? How are they important to, and for, the hero/heroine? How do they touch readers?  
To be presented by Carolyn M Johnson (

Tomorrow, I'll be posting my author friend, Micki Peluso's story about "Mother's Day." It looks interesting, and I hope you will enjoy her "slice of life." Micki's novel "And the Whippoorwill Sang" is a wonderful memoir--a sad, poignant, yet funny look at the life of one family. One we can all relate to in its many facets.  
Riding Dixie today. The dreaded "fear factor" may be subsiding.  A little. Just a little. 
Have a great writing, reading and just being alive day. May God bless and keep you happy and healthy. Oh, and productive. Sunday, I believe is Ascension Day, if anyone follows the church calendar. 

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