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Amazon Reviews: Misha Elliot's Learning to Fly and Fearless

These two reviews are part of a "pay it forward" program. Micki Peluso.
Who is Misha Elliott?
Misha Elliott is an old movie watching, wine drinking, book-lover.  Once a northerner she now calls the sweet state of Alabama her home.  She can’t remember a time when books weren't a part of her life.   Writing gives her a reason to talk to the voices in her head.  When she isn’t writing you will find her talking about books with friends or at the beach with her toes in the sand.
  About the Author
Misha Elliott lives in a small town in Alabama with her family. She enjoys reading, wine, writing, fishing, and all things Food Network .
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Review by Lesley Koke DeWig on April 9, 2014

Sophia has spent her whole life re-inventing herself. Her mother is in consent pursuit of her happily ever after. So when if doesn't pan out, the two pack up and leave town. Sophia is getting ready to start her senior year of high school. She's excited to spend her last year with her best friend and plan for college. So when her mother informs her that they are moving yet again Sophia is beside herself. So on her first day at her new school she meet Alex. He is quite possibly the most attractive guy she's ever met, not only is he good looking, brilliant, he also the Quarterback for the football team. The two quickly form a bond. And over the next year they fall in love. But just when things are starting to finally go Sophia's way her world is turned upside down. Can first love have second chance? I really enjoyed this book. The ending has me dying for the follow up!

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By Amazon Customer on October 16, 2014

I have to say that I have been reading all my life but more so over the past year. I have never had a book leave a mark until I read fearless. I loved this story from the get go. I love how the author made you really feel the fear that Leah had to carry around with her. You really get a sense of who Leah is and why she held so much fear. My favorite part about fearless was the fact that the female character Leah was so afraid of living, loving, and even breathing but she was strong and overcame her fears. She found a strong friendship and true one of a kind love with Asher who has a past and issues of his own to overcome. Asher is....well, you will have to buy fearless so you can read and fall in love with Asher on your own. You wont regret buying fearless. Great read Misha Elliott.

Learning To Fly

Misha Elliott

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