Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Congratulations American Pharoah on winning The Kentucky Derby..

It's been several weeks since last I blogged.

Okay, okay. I have an excuse. A bad infection which resulted in a root canal done last Monday. Nasty. I have to go back for Root Canal...Part Two at the end of the month. 

Writing has been sparse lately. I'm still presenting some workshops over at Chapter One (Writer's Oasis) at AOL once a month of so. I held one on passive vs active verbs, always a fun topic. Another subject, near and dear to my heart is writer's block. I held a very successful workshop on the topic in January. Successful? Lots of participants. (seems to be a common failing) and it's posted somewhere on my blog.

So, you say, since you're SO GOOD AT THIS TOPIC, of course you got over it. Right? Well, not so much, no. I wonder. Is it time to hang up the novels? Maybe go for short stories? Or pick a topic and start writing non-fiction? "Is it? Is it? Huh?"  (My dog is laying on my stretched out foot, looking up with inquiring eyes.)

I'm not going to whine. But, I may just go back to what sent me into a writing frenzy in the first place. Several friends and authors come to mind. I loved Harlequin, especially the Intrigues. My first published book "In the Arms of the Enemy" was originally aimed at that line. It didn't fit with them, but did get published.

A mentor, author whose books I admire was an inspiration back then. I'll never forget her advice when I stalled in the dreaded sagging middle of "In the Arms of the Enemy." She said, "go for an explosion."  Thank you Joanna Wayne (who's new book "Showdown at Shadow Junction" just came out). I did indeed go for that explosion, and it took "Arms" in a new direction, which led to the black moment and climax.

Thank you Joanna.

Well, I'm back at the blog again. Maybe it will get me back to my writing again. Those two books. "Stolen Horses; Broken Dreams" and "Legacy of Danger." (yes THAT "Legacy of Danger.")

Oh yeah. I told you about The Nanowrimo Camp, at the beginning of April. Taking a book from the beginning and not stopping until it was done. Did it work? For about a week. So, even though others might have been inspired by my workshop session on "Writer's Block," I was not. So--do what I say not what I do.

Thank you to those of you who come regularly to my Writing Cottage. I'm back in the blogging frame of mind, so I'll be sticking close to the cottage at least several times a week.

You'll still see reviews, articles by other writers, horse articles and stories (yeah, American Pharoah) and occasional short stories and poems, in fact, nothing will change. I might do some interviews with characters. They're always fun. And, they're always mad at me, so they're entertaining.

Glad to be back from my self-imposed vacation. May the writing force be with you and may the writer within, never be blocked.

I'm riding Dixie today.


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