Monday, May 11, 2015

New Novels and Old Novels and In-between Novels

New Novel: One wintry day in the Midwest, Tony Richardson walked up to his study to work on his accounts. His boarding facility was booming. Horses romped in the pasture. A storm front loomed on the horizon. More snow. He powered his computer, prepared to work. 

Out of the shadows, a dark figure approached. A "Hi Tony" and then, nothing. The bullet rammed into the skull of Tony Richardson, and he was no more. 

That is the beginning of a new novel by Patricia A. Guthrie (that would be me) a story of horses, intrigue and murder. And perhaps, love. Love always comes into the mix. 

Old Novel: "Legacy of Danger" still isn't far from my thoughts either. I brainstormed with a colleague the other day and think that end-of-the-middle escape from the castle probably isn't working (what was my first clue?) 

Maybe I'll work from the end back to the middle. I do like the beginning and through to that brain fog moment when life in the Romanian mountains and under the castle disappears for me. Gag.

In-between Novel: And, there's still "Stolen Horses: Broken Dreams." Never far from my writer's guilt trip. 

I hope you're all taking notes. There will be a quiz.  LOL 

Back to work.   

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