Monday, May 18, 2015

Writer's Rock: Tonight's workshop "Action and Reaction" by Donna L Mains

So, did you ever read a book and throw it against wall, because the sequence of action and reaction was all wrong?

Example:  Joe walked out of the elevator, eager to get to his birthday party. "Hi," he said. He then opened the door to find a hundred of his closest friends eager to celebrate. "Joe," they said.

What's wrong with that? Well, He said hi to his closest friends before he entered his apartment. In fact, before he even got near his apartment. You could even argue, the group should have said hi first, then Joe  reacts to their expressions and THEN thought they were eager to celebrate.

Or, how about  you threw the book against the wall and read the book. (all kinds of other reasons you might throw the book against the wall, but we're assuming it's because the sequence was wrong. (rather simplified example, but you get my drift.) You have to read the book, THEN throw it against the wall. (and probably before you get to the end.)

There are so many examples, way to numerous to mention here. Tonight at 9 EST and  8 CST in our AOL chat room "Chapter One" our "Writer's Rock" workshop group will discuss sequencing in "Action and Reaction."

Looking forward to this one. Just something else
to consider, when writing your greatest American Novel.

Happy reading and writing.



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