Monday, June 29, 2015

Oh dear. 

It's been over a week since I last blogged. I really do enjoy blogging. My writing time has taken me over. 

Since I was last here, I read two James Patterson books. The Thomas Berryman Number about an assassin, how he plots, kills and the aftermath was the first book Mr. P wrote.  Honeymoon, about a black widow is one of his later books. Thomas Berryman was a bit disjointed in timing and style and not like his later works. It interested me enough, though, to read it to its conclusion. Honeymoon was fast paced, well-timed and chilling, although I would have liked to see more motivation in the killer's logic. (does that make sense?) 

I've read Annie Keheller's book of short stories "Free to Good Home: Collected Short Stories" an adventuresome, if not hilarious look at future events. A time where we can adopt out our parents when they get old (or they can adopt out themselves) A turn-about look at the Rapture, when only bad people disappear, or when science has discovered a way to enhance anybody's body parts, for a price. But at what cost? And, when we can make movie stars appear at will. Ms Keheller has a very creative mind. See reviews at  

Another endeavor has me re-reading "Waterlilies Over MyGrave"  a book I wrote in the 2007 and published by LSP Digital in 2008. I searched for, and found, my writing voice. Yes, Virginia, I had a writing voice, which I'm trying to regain. I actually liked the book. "Isn't that special?" (Church Lady; Saturday Night Live.)

Networking is very profitable for writers as well as business people. My networking has found a way out for my Legacy characters who are currently stranded in a castle. My poor feeble brain has spent years trying find their means of escape. You'd think they'd be starving to death by now. 

Stolen Horses is also starting to take shape. My villain is being a total and criminal jerk I'm happy to announce.  Sorry about the formatting. I just found out what a "jump break is." Did I want it? NO. Do I know how to get rid of it? NO!

Once I publish this post and leave the area, maybe it will go back to "default." One can only hope. 
Hope you enjoyed my journey into stories and my feeble attempt at progress. I think I'll go back to marketing again, so I don't get into more blog trouble. 

Have a good one. 


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