Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Sale: Waterlilies Over My Grave and In the Arms of the Enemy

Once again, LSPDigital.com is having a sale--this time a summer sale. Our books will be on Amazon's Kindle for .99 cents from July 8th 6:00 am PST until July 15th. Come check out all the authors at LSP Digital. You'll be in for a treat. At LSP Digital you'll find novels about: mysteries, espionage, fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventures, historicals, as well as books that are inspirational,  and self-help books (including one on writing) an awesome adventuresome memoir, and for the children, children's books.

Authors include: Linda Daly, Micki Peluso, John Elliot, Alexis Swanson, Erin Collins, D.L. Mains, Carol Rose Montague, Stacy Elliot, Jane Ellen Harris, Bones McDowell, C.J. Parker, Don Queen, A.V. Queen, Alexis Braguine and myself, Patricia A. Guthrie.  I think you'll find some rare treats within these books.

My books: "Waterlilies Over My Grave" and "In the Arms of the Enemy" (see right side panel for You Tube trailers and synopsis/ characterizations of both novels.) Waterlilies is psychological suspense (with romance building at every step) and Arms is a romantic suspense novel about insurance fraud and murder in a horse racing empire. Oh yes, did I mention romance?  

I do hope, that if you purchase one from Kindle and you like it, you will take a few minutes to give it a review on Amazon. That really helps an author. 

Today, I'm editing and critiquing a fellow author's novel Survivor Benefits by Bren Cubbage. It's an unusual historical about a survivor from the Persian Gulf War. And, it's action packed full of adventure. Can't wait until she finds a publisher and has it published. It will be well worth the read. 

Have a great day. Happy reading. Happy writing. Happy horsing around (if you're into horses) and enjoy your life. 


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