Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Writing Purpose and Rekindling the Flame

Writing: Things have been popping for me this week. I enrolled in James Patterson's Masterclass, and my lack of writing purpose seems to be punching me right smack between the eyes.

He advocates: "Do not sit there like 'Oh I don't feel like it today. I don't feel like it tomorrow.' Feel like it"! Do it! Force yourself!"  James Patterson.

If you are a writer, either a beginner or an writer with writer's block or experiencing burn-out, I wholly suggest this class to you. You can find him and his Masterclass on Facebook.

One thing he suggests early on is to complete a writing schedule (which I'm still trying to accomplish, considering the other things I have to do during the day) and writing at least 500 words first thing in the morning to get going. I'm using this blog for my morning workout. I'll write about writing, reading, work I've done during the day and accomplishments--mine and others.

Yesterday, I worked out a writing schedule, something I've never done before. I re-wrote my outline for "Stolen Horses." My original outline wasn't bad, but not complete enough and not enough "raising the stakes." I raised some stakes here not only for my heroine to search for her horse, but put her life and that of her daughter's in jeopardy. Today, I'll outline my villain's journey to parallel her's.

I also think I need to re-outline Matt's Murder, my first novel. Wow. What a contrast between today's world and that of the 90's. The world today is full of cell phones, computers and tablets, drones and more technical goodies to be novelized. (Is that a word?) So many re-introductions.

Also, what can be eliminated. And who can be eliminated?

I've started and stopped so many times with Legacy of Danger, Matt's Murder and now, Stolen Horses that I see it's not the basic stories, but me. I get to a certain point and can't go on. Lack of self-confidence, I think. Writing an outline works for me. And, realizing that first drafts are not going to be clean and polished.

So, it's on to outlining. On to re-evaluation. On to my Masterclass assignments. (this is one) And on to searching the world for story ideas.

I read "Honeymoon" yesterday, after reading James Patterson's outline. It's a good pattern to follow.
Awesome book. I read the book in several hours and had a hard time putting it down for my Writer's Rock Workshop. (on Facebook and AOL Chapter One workshop chat Monday 9EST, 8 CST, 7 MST and 6 PST)

Happy writing/ reading and whatever else you do. Put your heart in it.

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