Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Message from the Universe by Michael Tut

I've been pretty quiet, but also fairly consistent about posting the "Messages from the Universe" by Michael Tut. 

An author has to rely on, not ony his or her talent and learned craft but also tons of rejection, writer's block and life interference. The muse can get discouraged and go hide in the corner. Mine has. (It might be returning. I'm a hopeless optimist.) 

That's why these daily inspiration from Michael and his crew are so helpful for everyone. Especially for writers. I looked at the one for today and thought "You know, maybe they're right. Maybe all I need is a little more patience." (which I'm not abundantly blessed with, by the way.) "Maybe my time will come. Maybe all this hard work and discouragement will pay off and someone will read my novels, short stories, articles, blogs. 

Yes, maybe I'll stick to it a little longer. 

Have a great reading, writing and whatever else you do, day. 


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