Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I really have to update my website. With a new short story on Kindle and a paranormal soon (hopefully) to come out, there's much more to off?

My writing day: Lately, most of the days have been spent marketing my short story. I admit, one reason I chose to put up a short story is with the hope that the story will draw people to my other two books. I'm not sure how popular short stories are in the course of the book world. I guess we'll find out. I've been hearing, through the writing grapevine, that the general public tend to graviate toward books they can read during lunch hour and on trains, buses and automobiles (isn't that a move?) I may put up more.

First things first. Marketing: I'm hitting many book promotion sites. Not sure how many authors actually buy books by other authors. I do. Because, I'm also a reader. So are most of the authors I know. (and don't know.) The promotion sites seem to play the "pass it forward" routine. You promote the site's books on other promotional sites and they'll allow you to promote your book on theirs. I have to admit, it sounds good. We'll see if it works.

I'm also on Linked In, where most of my traffic are other professionals trying to sell me their wares. I'm innundated with book cover designers at the moment. Most are really great people. Some are pushy and not so great. I've done little with Twitter. I probably should. Same with Instagram. I know nothing about that site.

Google:  I find Google hard to get around in. I have a lousy page--lousy profiles. Huge photos of one book plastered all over the place with small messages from various people. Really need to change that page. There are other places. I'll keep plugging away, until I hit the right marketing button.

What else I'm doing: Editing Legacy of Danger. I should probably start promoting that on the right side of my blog page, near Waterlilies Over My Grave and In the Arms of the Enemy. I also need to put up Willed Accidents Happen.

Like to move forward with this blog a bit more consistently. Too many things get in the way.

Anyway, I'm off now. Please, please, if you purchase Willed Accidents Happen, I'd be grateful if you left
a review. A short one would do.

Have a great reading, writing or whatever you do, day.

Pat G.

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