Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review of the book 'Protecting Donald Trump' by Annie Kelleher


Patricia A. Guthrie says:

Protecting Donald Trump is a contemporary urban fantasy/mystery all wrapped up in one delicious attempt at finding an attempted assassin of the presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump.

What makes this interesting is the struggles a newbie werewolve, Elena, goes through as she searches for the meaning of her life-altering physical changes and how she can handle her situation.

That comes to fruition when her parole officer pairs her up with a new employer, Vronsky, who just so happens to be a werewolve also. Her assignment? To meet the team of other werewolves and possible relatives and to thwart an attempt on Donald Trump's life.

The story is funny and witty. The characters engaging. Elena's description of her changes during the coming of the full moon is something we don't often find in werewolf movies. It's different.

Ms. Kelleher seems to revel in mixing genres, successfully and giving the reader a reading experience that will compel him or her not to put down the book until they find out "who's doing it?"

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