Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WILLED ACCIDENTS HAPPEN finally for sale on Kindle

Psychiatrist, Michael Ryan’s life spins out of control.
Cars accelerate as Michael tries to cross New York City streets. Subway trains try to suck him off the platform. On the New York State Thruway, a car veers out of control and Michael nearly dives into a fifty foot ravine. Then he falls down a flight of concrete steps into the NYC Transit subway station and into the arms of the beautiful red-head Allie Andrews who insists his incidents are no mere accidents. Is Michael becoming accident prone, or is someone trying to hurl him into the hereafter?
Willed Accidents Happen is a short story of mystery/suspense is sprinkled with humanity, humor, a psychotic patient who walks out of the hospital with a false orderly and an ex-fiancée who doesn’t want Michael, but doesn’t want anyone else to have him either.
Willed Accidents Happen:  Release date Sept 15th at Amazon/Kindle for .99 cents.
So, there you have the blurb. I hope you enjoy the story, and if you do, I'd be eternally grateful if you wouldn't mind posting a review on the Amazon page. Thank you very much. 
Pat G.                                                                                                    

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