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BOOK REVIEW: Halloween, Hallowed is Thy Name by Rev. Dr. Eddie J. Smith

This is a repost from last year. Since Halloween is once again upon us and since I'm going tonight to a virtual Halloween party at my Writer's Rock group, I thought I'd repost this review of Rev. Dr. Eddie J. Smith's excellent non-fiction "Halloween, Hallowed is Thy Name."
Halloween, Hallowed is Thy Name


Rev. Dr. Eddie J. Smith

Review by Patricia A. Guthrie


            There are two major Christian holidays on the church calendar, Christmas and Easter,  the two bookends of the Christian faith.  Or are there?

            Rev Eddie J. Smith contends there are three.  Christmas, the incarnation and Easter, the ressurection. But, what then of the third?  In between these two major holidays there are all the other days. What of them? What will celebrate the life and ministry of Jesus Christ?  Referring to Him, he writes, "And, everything He said and did is the gospel of Halloween."

            Halloween? The day children and adults go to parties, dress up as evil spirits or celebrities or politicians and presidents? Yes, one and the same.  Rev. Smith thinks Halloween "should be considered an integral part of our salvation story . For too long, it has been a sadly neglected as a relic of pagan times."

            He feels that too many people dishonor God at Halloween, and it's a shame they do.  This is a perfect opportunity to praise God through evangelizing  what Halloween is really about.  The evening before All Saints Day.  The ridding  the world of the  evil and bringing in the good news about Jesus. He believes  that because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, "The gates of hell shall not prevail."  Satan cannot win over us. The grave cannot rule us.   Even though the church and its flock  fear  and even mourn the holiday,  Halloween should be should be a day of praising God and symbolize the victory of light over death.    "Halloween, hallowed is thy name."

            Halloween, Hallowed is Thy Name is a text book filled with good vs evil.  It discusses the origins of the holiday from The Druids to the Feast of Samhain (devil)  to All Saints' Day.  Why trick or treating? Why the Jack-O'Lanterns, witches, warlocks and ghosts and superstions of all kinds. Where did they come from?

            Then there are the many literary masterpieces of the holiday from The Legend of Sleepy Hallow to the Harry Potter books. He discusses C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolkien and the magic of Walt Disney and their relationship with God and the Devil.  In the Ring, Frodo fights the devil Sauon, while Harry Potter fights Rawlings devil, Lord Voldemort. Does Harry represent Christ?

            Smith  asks the questions  "is Halloween really the Devils Holiday?"  How does it relate to Christmas and Easter. Original Pagan holidays all. A way the church converted its nonbelievers to believers of Christ through celebration.

            Fascinating is his work on the Nature of Good and Evil, while asking if celebrating Halloween is  imitating evil? He contends no.  Just  the opposite.  And, he backs it up with biblical references throughout the books.

            Whether you believe Halloween is just a party day, something dark and sinister, or evil wiped out by good, this is a book to read. It's historical references to many holidays and how they became  celebrations is interesting reading.  The meanings behind Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Harry Potter and other authors is a book unto itself.

            The only drawback, was, at times, the text became heavy and redundant. But, not often enough to make you want  to put it down.  In fact, it's a book to be stored in your reference section of your library, to become dog-eared  and well used.

            I give this book five stars for its information, dedication and interesting premise.  It's obvious Rev. Smith  spent many hours researching this book and it has  paid off.



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