Tuesday, October 13, 2015


It's been about a month since I last posted. I've been horrendously busy with: editing Legacy of Danger, editing and critique two novels by other authors, promoting 'In the Arms of the Enemy', 'Waterlilies Over My Grave', and a short story 'Willed Accidents Happen' onto all the newly discovered (on my part) online book clubs. Was this a successful venture? So far, maybe not. Maybe it just needs some time.

Legacy of Danger will soon be finished. Going through final edits now, Then comes the publishing side then the dreaded marketing side. Meanwhile, what comes next?

I've gone through many novels, many of which lie in the bowels of the computer never to see the light of day. Will I pull them out and rething them? Well, maybe not.

To recap: Books sold: In the Arms of the Enemy (a romantic suspense novel) which deals with a horse trainer, insurance fraud, murder and the horse racing industry.  Book Two: Waterlilies Over My Grave (a psychological romantic suspense novel)  which deals with a woman who runs halfway across the country from her psychotic husband who's bent on revenge.  Book Three: Legacy of Danger (a paranormal romantic suspense novel) which involves a young woman who inherits a castle in Romania, who's family is decimated one-by-one and who's own life is in danger--to be protected by an FBI agent abraod, one old high school boy friend who dumped her after the senior prom and her dead husband's ghost.

Do you see a theme here? Romantic suspense. They all are filled with secrets, deception, murder and general mayhem and for all, the things that are not as they seem.

So, what's next? Maybe the theme here should be animals. Horses and dogs to be exact, the second (or third) love of my life, excluding the people in it. Maybe back to Stolen Horses: Broken Dreams, the story of one womans attempt to get back her stolen horse and the dregs of the horse communities she discovers.

Maybe that's next: and of course things will never be as they seem.

Hope to continue this on a more consistent basis.

I hope to have more articles on marketing successes and failures, writing articles and other things. Some of which are more questions than answers.

Have a great day and happy reading and/or writing.

Patricia a. Guthrie

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