Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Joining online (and off line) book clubs has made me aware of new authors. Rather than constantly buying the tried and true best sellers, I'm becoming somewhat of an avocate of the newer crew coming up. They have an awfully hard time selling their books and getting read. (ask me how I know.) 

I recently joined #Ravereviewbookclubs  and am finding delightful new authors (for me) and well-written exciting books. 

 I've read four new ones during the past week or so, Lisa Kirasian (Bravura) Christa Nardi (Murder at Cold Creek College) Rea Nolen Martin (The Anesthesia Game)  and Jean Marie Bauhaus (Restless Spirits) 

Many of these books are very inexpensive or free---  I've reviewed all but The Anesthesia Game which I'm still reading. 

Meanwhile, my Writer's Rock Writing Group (Facebook) had a great virtual Halloween Party last night at AOL'S Chapter One. (You need 9.7 to get into a chat room these days) We all got into the costumes of a character. I shared Elena Dkany (Legacy of Danger) One of our creative writers got REALLY CREATIVE. She brought in two characters one a villain. We had NO IDEA who she was. We nearly blocked her. But, we all had fun and what a learning experience to keep ourselves in character. 


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Patricia Guthrie said...

Well, it did it again. I can only conclude that if I copy and paste from a website it automatically picks up the back ground of that post. (even though I posted it myself) The post came from The Sunshine Group, an online book club.