Sunday, November 8, 2015

Book Review for 'Haunted Hearts' by Kim Cox for Rave Review Book Clubs Just plain fun.

                                                                     Haunted Hearts
By Kim Cox

An investigation of a double-murder by two couples—one alive, one dead.

A twenty-year-old murder mystery lands in the lap of first-time PI and psychic  investigator Lana Malloy. Encouraged to take on the case by her well-preserved but very deceased great-aunt, Lucy Malloy, Lana is desperate for money to build up her business and her aunt knows just where she can find the money her aunt had left for her almost twenty years ago. Lucy and her then fiancé needs their murder solved so they can move into the hereafter.

So, who to investigate? Lucy’s beloved fiancée, Davide, poisoned the same night as Lucy and his grandson, Tony have ideas and the two couples search records and haunt relatives, which culminate in a family gathering at Tony’s estate. After a near-family brawl and an attempt on Lana’s life a plan is put in motion. The plan? A séance with two very real ghosts.  

A light-hearted ghost story on the line of “The Canterville Ghost.” No moral here. (except for crime does not pay even after a long, long time.)  Just plain fun.


Kim Cox said...

Thank you, Patricia! I'm so happy you enjoyed HAUNTED HEARTS!

Patricia Guthrie said...

You're welcome. It was a fun afternoon.