Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Review for:

                                 Destination Hope: Your Guide through Life’s Unexpected Journeys
By Shellie Nichole
Destination Hope is a spiritual and religious guide through our most difficult periods that life throws our way.  

We go on a road trip to our destinations: The Perfect Road (no such thing) The Street of Broken Dreams (we all have them) The Road Less Traveled (I did it my way) The Fork in the Road (wait a minute, I thought I was supposed to do THIS for the rest of my life. Now you’re telling me WHAT?) Your Battered Suitcase (as we grow older our suitcases filled with faux pas and bad Karma, expand)  Accidents Happen (Oh boy. That was NOT supposed to happen) Travel is Brutal (looking at one’s own reflection in the mirror or I look like WHAT?)  The Hidden Compartment (there’s always one someplace) Rest Stops (a place to reflect and make decisions)  Hitchhikers and Travel Buddies (the good, the bad and the ugly) Enjoying the Scenery.
Shellie Nichole takes us down some familiar and not-so familiar roads to look at ourselves, our lives and our relationship with God (or the Big G) to find our paths through a long, short or medium journey we call life.
Interesting road trip with unexpected twists and turns along with way. Ms Nichole not only reflects but shows us examples of friend’s and her own trips (literally and figuratively speaking.) We share her and her friends’ tragedies, miracles and heartbreaks, and we can use a box of tissues and a cup of tea to get us through. 

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