Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Book Review: I, Hero: The Beginning

As you can probably tell, I've gotten into book reviewing lately. I'm still working on edits for "Legacy of Danger" and leading the Writer's Rock Workshop on Facebook, but I'm also reading other genres and some newer authors. Quite an enlightening process. I'm having fun. How about that? 

I, Hero
By Jason Zandri

Jason Devron is an ordinary twenty-five year old who’s about to discover an extraordinary life. Jason becomes special.

He wears superhero T-shirts and wears a copper bracelet with magical powers given by a homeless woman he’s befriended, when she dies on the streets. She is a “watcher.” Jason is next in line to become the “Watcher.”

His superhero T- shirts, the bracelet and the influences of literary Greek Gods enable Jason to provide superhuman efforts to save the world around him. A combination of our movie heroes:  Superman, Batman and other endearing super heroes.

In its concept, the story is charming. We all cheer when Jason saves an apartment full of people from an all-consuming fire and a park full of people and police from a terrorist with sophisticated weapons not even the CIA seem to know about. We wonder at his super human rate of speed and his ability to be in several places at one time and his sudden lack of fear as he looks certain death in its face.

This story would rate a four, but because of little character or plot development, point-of-view switches which confuses the reader and some editing errors it rates a three.
Still, it’s a charming story and ideal for a young adult audience. This is the author’s first try in a series that looks promising. It will be interesting to see where Jason Devron goes in his next book: I Hero, Returns.

I, for one, will check on Jason in his next adventure, and hope to turn the three stars into a four.  

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