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Thanks Micki, for allowing me to post your review of 'The Bow of Destiny.' Looks like a winner of a story. Very well-written review.

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The Bow of Destiny
11/18/2015 6:30:33 PM

Young hunter finds his future as a Ranger for the Elves to fight evil and reach his destiny
The Bow of Destiny; The Bow of Hart Saga Book 1

By P. H. Solomon

Athson, son of Ath, has been living with the Elven Rangers since his family was killed along with his whole village 10 years ago. Savage Trolls showed no mercy, and serve a Wizard who is beholding to a vicious Dragon. As a young boy the massacre leaves him with spells in which his dead family appears to him, including his dog, Spark. The elves give him a potion called Soul — Ease which help during his ‘fits,’ and has to be used often but the day he is out hunting Athson leaves it at the Ranger Station. Even though raised by the elves, Heth and Cireena, and helped by his Elven friend, Gweld, the young hunter cannot escape his past even as he marches toward his uncertain future.

Athson wonders why his Captain Sameth never gives him some serious assignments, as if he knows something Athson doesn't remember – something that he should. When visited at his campsite by what might be a Withling, capable of helping or harming, he listens to her strange prophecy of a special Bow. An eagle screams overhead. The huge bird, croons the haggard woman, will ‘guide the heir,’. . . ‘Who suffers in silence for a secret?’ Is this a hideous dream or a memory fit? Athson picks up the package which the cackling woman tosses at him. It contains bow strings and a message which will forever change his life.

Author P H. Solomon’s first book in the ‘The Bow Saga,’ series is a must-read for adult fantasy lovers and YA. One is drawn in immediately in the first few pages. There is some confusion when Solomon switches between memory ‘fits’ and reality — which is magical in itself. This is quickly remedied as the book flows forward at a steady pace, similar to the excellent fantasy series by the late author, David Eddings.

This story has all the elements of good fantasy; elves, sorcerers, a Dragon, and other terrifying creatures, and will appeal to those who love ‘Ranger’ stories. The Bow of Destiny is highly recommended for readers enjoying the fantasy genre as well as those who might want to try out an especially good one.

Micki Peluso 

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