Tuesday, November 3, 2015


                                                            The Anesthesia Game
By Rea Nolen Martin

The characters: Sidney, a fifteen-year-old girl dying from an undisclosed illness which requires chemotherapy and multiple doses of anesthesia; her mother, Mitzy, who needs an anesthesia all her own as well as the help of her  psychic, Pandora;  Hanna, her aunt, also going through personal traumas and an almost-failed marriage and Pandora, Mitzy’s psychic who has no idea why she’s so affected by Sidney, a girl she’s never met, but feels like she’s known for decades.

These four women find worlds in common, not knowing why or how.

Sidney has learned to cope with her illness and treatment through a game she calls “The Anesthesia Game.” She picks a location, tells her nurse and then must give details when she comes out of the treatment. But---is it really a game, or is there more to it? What is fantasy and what is reality?

Are Mitzy, Hanna and Pandor merely trying to save Sidney? Or, are they trying to save the universe from a catastrophe that started centuries ago.

Well-drawn characters in this intense, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and always poignant journey into the lives of four women, all with their own issues, but all after the same goal---to save Sidney.

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Patricia A Guthrie

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