Saturday, November 14, 2015

Writer's Rock a Facebook On-line Writing Workshop Group

I've decided to give a presentation "On Writing Your Promotional Biography" in my Writer's Rock writing group. 

Who is Writer's Rock? Writer's Rock is a group of talented writers that range from beginner all the way up to multi-published authors. Members give workshops on topics they feel are relevant and interesting to the writing community. We've presented topics such as writing query letters, blurbs, non-fiction, short stories, grammar (with fun exercises) various genres and we can go on and on. Writer's Rock emerged from Writer's Oasis owned and managed by Shirley Flanagan. When she retired, I took over and changed the brand name to Writer's Rock with the input from fellow members. We have 25 members and are growing. 

Who's eligible?  Any writer who wants to grow, develop as a writer and participate. If you're a member of AOL, 9.8 or less you can enter our chat room (Chapter One) We hold our workshops on Monday nights (9 EST, 8 CST, 7 MST and 6 PST.)  

If you're interested you might take a look at us on Facebook/groups Writer's Rock and see what we do. 

AOL is free. You do need to be on another server to join. 

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Carolyn Johnson said...

find Desktop AOL and download it. You should be able to get to the Chapter One chat room through that connection. (Lyn, chat assistant and logger) /