Friday, February 3, 2017


Thank you Professor for reviewing "In the Arms of the Enemy." You really made my day. 
"In the Arms of the Enemy by Patricia A. Guthrie grabbed my attention because of the horses and the racing. I am a great fan of Dick Francis and wondered how Ms. Guthrie would fare in the comparison. I need not have worried. The opening is explosive, clutching both heart and brain before even a few pages are read. Here is a writer on control of her craft and she seizes the reader's emotion right from line one. Great writing; great characterization; and all effortless.
Like Dick Francis, she knows her horses, her racing , and the characters that inhabit that world. She brings us into their milieu, into the color, into the glamour and into the dark side that so often lurks on the fringes of this world.
The story is suspenseful and nicely plotted, although there was scope here for a longer book. I had not fully considered the genre when I purchased the book and, when in the midst of attempts on Maggie's life, masked intruders wielding knives, and general mayhem, the novel morphs suddenly into erotic romance, I have to confess I was a bit startled. Yes, I discovered later that the book is classified as 'suspenseful romance' so I should not have been surprised but this is not a genre that I would normally favor. That is just my own predilection, however, and is no reflection on the writer. I have to say that for the most part she focuses on the thriller/mystery element of her story and does so to the reader's satisfaction. The climax is suspense-filled and exciting and, although I would have to question how foolishly both Maggie and Adam walked into very obvious traps, the ending romps home to a classy finish. Dick Francis fans will enjoy this book. So, too, will readers of suspenseful romance. And I enjoyed it very much. So will you.
You can purchase "In the Arms of the Enemy" on   Thank you Professor. You made my day. "
Patricia A. Guthrie 

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