Friday, March 3, 2017


View from the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale
By Elizabeth Horton Newton

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has fascinated for over fifty years. Numerous books, movies and documentaries have searched for the truth. Was it a conspiracy or the hand of a lone gunman that killed the president and wounded the Governor? Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill the president? Why was he shot by Jack Ruby? Why was there such collateral damage in the aftermath?

But—what if Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t kill the president? What if Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t die from his wounds? And, what if he was living next to you for years?

That is the premise that Ms Newton presents to us in her book “View from the Sixth Floor.” 
When Olivia loses her husband to a heart attack, his best friend and neighbor Bill watches over Olivia and becomes her best friend. Olivia has long been fascinated by the Kennedy assassination and when she has too much time on her hands decides to visit Dallas to see the museum and the places where he was killed. Her two boys try to talk her out of it as does Bill. 
“Don’t go back into the past.” But, Olivia is determine and that’s when Bill decides to go with her.

And that’s when the plot gets thick with twists, turns, mystery, espionage old murders and a couple who throw themselves under the bus to try to get information. But, little does Olivia know, Bill knows the truth. It’s only him that can get the information to the world. But, it’s the world that’s trying to get to him as well. Olivia gets caught up with a fascinating assumption and a life she’d never dreamed would happen to her.

There are some editing and formatting flaws (which I’ve noticed in all E Books) The writing is good and keeps you focused. But the story itself is great. This book will put you at the edge of your seat and not let you go until you’ve finished. Even then, you’ll want to know more.
Good going Elizabeth Horton Newton. If there were sixth stars I give them to you.

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