Saturday, March 11, 2017

JESSICA THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN INFANT: How Far Back Can We Remember? By Jeffrey Von Glahn, PHD

Jessica, the Autobiography of an Infant
By Jeffrey Von Glahn, PHD
               This is the true psychological process of a troubled young woman who had no sense of “self” no sense of deserving of love, attention or anything good that came her way. Taken throughout over three years of psychotherapy, patient and therapist weave a true story that peels layer upon layer, until all she’s left with is her “me,” her inner self. The therapy sessions take us back throughout her life until we reach the core of her birth and a bit beyond.
               This is an incredible journey. Not frightening, but intense none the less. We see her progress and regressions: one step forward, two back as we’re privileged to peek into their sessions and discover a trip few ever see.
                I didn’t realize anyone could remember back so far. Few have. It makes me wonder, could I with the proper guidance? It also makes me wonder, do I want to?
               Excellently written, as some other reviews pointed out, it reads like a novel, and it does. It was hard to put down.

Patricia A. Guthrie Reviewer 

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