Wednesday, March 16, 2016

D.E. Howard Winner of Rave Review Book Club's "Push Forward Week."

Congratulations to D.E. Howard for winning Rave Review Book Club’s “Push Forward Week.”

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            Assaie’s Gift
Human love can last a lifetime, the love of a Goddess is eternal.

Kia Deering is a normal teenage girl looking forward to celebrating her 18th birthday in style. What she didn't anticipate was the revelation that would change her life beyond recognition. 
The Goddess Assaie fell for a human and gave up everything, including her identity, to be with him, sacrificing everything she ever knew in the name of true love. 
When Kia discovered she was a descendant of the Goddess she had a year to embrace all that it meant or to turn her back on her destiny forever. 
Kia had always believed herself to be ordinary but now she was extraordinary she had no idea if she could handle the potential of the power within her. Perhaps the handsome young man she meets in a nightclub could be the distraction she needed, or perhaps he will open up a whole new set of questions himself. 

“A pantheonic love story with several twists on the theme, I can highly recommend this first novel by this author”
“Amazing book from start to end”
“I shall be recommending it to my friends”

Events from the past come together, in this fantastical romance, to change the present and nothing will ever be the same again, for any of them. 

Read D E Howard's début novel Assaie's Gift and follow a love that began in another era. 


Do you believe in magic?

Ellie Forrester didn't. 

Raised an only child by a mother who never hid her resentment Ellie learned from an early age to be self sufficient. 

Finally moving away from her mother's negative influence Ellie thought her small run down flat was a little piece of paradise. 

The old book she found hidden away didn't seem to be anything remarkable but Ellie soon discovered that it contained far more than just the words on the pages. 

Ellie soon discovered that not only did magic exist but it was within her reach. 

Do you believe in magic? 
Ellie Forrester does!

Patricia A. Guthrie

In the Arms of the Enemy
Waterlilies Over My Grave
Legacy of Danger (coming soon) 


Michelle Abbott said...

Nice post, Patricia! Assaie’s Gift looks good. I'll be adding it my TBR.

Jan Hawke said...

Moving up the TBR now, Dawn! :-D Thanks for having us over today Patricia :-)

D.E Howard said...

Thanks for hosting me today :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post for Dawn, Patricia! Thanks for sharing! :)

Robin Chambers said...

I downloaded "Assaie's Gift" some time ago and it's currently 9th on my TBR list (of 44 books atm!). I'm looking forward to getting to it before I am TOO much older!

Kim Cox said...

Thank you, Patricia, for this fantastic post for Dawn and her books! Both books are on my TBR list. :D Happy Friday!

Patricia Guthrie said...

thank you for your comments. Robin, I too, have many books on my TBR list. Reading abut the sex life of Henry VIII and his wives/mistresses. Then will get back on track for the RRBC books.