Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Good morning fellow: bloggers, readers, writers and everyone who's been following me.

Good morning fellow: bloggers, readers, writers and everyone else who's been following me. You are appreciated. 

What am I working on? Really want to know? A real-life murder/paranormal mystery. Not a romantic suspense this time, although it has its romantic moments. That's all I'll mention at the moment. I'm still working out the plot line. 

If you've been following, you know that "Legacy of Danger" will actually be coming out in the fall. 
Young woman inherits a castle in Romania and is stalked by assassins and helped by a hostile ex-boyfriend and her deceased husband. Yes, that's right her DECEASED husband. He's a ghost. She (they) run into all kinds of friends and enemies along the way, including a young nine-year-old Romanian boy who adores all things American, the Bears, both team and his horse. Can't wait until its out. 

Tomorrow "Waterlilies Over My Grave" comes out again. This time, we're going to a book club meeting where I'll be presenting the book to senior citizens, who've already read it, and, I understand, have a LOT of questions. I've worked out a few plot and character questions for them, too. This should be fun. 

Anyone want to host a blog tour? Let me know.

Everyone, have a great day. 

Patricia A. Guthrie

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