Monday, October 24, 2016


Only 15 days until Election Day?

Do the kids have the day off? Do YOU have the day off? You are going to make time, aren't you? (no matter what the projections tell you. No matter who you are or aren't going to vote for.

We're not a perfect country, but we come as close to it as any I can see. I know the grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the fence, but it's not. If you get everything paid for, you have a hefty amount of taxes. If you have few taxes, you probably don't get so much in the things you need and can't pay for. We have prejudice, but maybe not as much as many other countries. Think well and hard on what we DO have, rather than what we DON'T have. You might be surprised.

Are election system is probably the fairest in the world. Do we have some "rigged" voting. Probably, although nobody's been able to prove it lately.

The point is we have to keep a watch on our system ourselves. If we can, go volunteer at the polling place. If you like one candidate over the other, then go campaign for them. We're all human, even though some of us are more human than others.

And no, you don't have to tell ANYBODY who you're voting for or why. I'm not. Why? Probably because some folks take this election with vitriol, lack of humor and "my candidate is better-less corrupt-more polished--richer--poorer--a socialist--not a socialist--a conservative--not a conservative (although they may be playing at it) etc. You know what I mean. I could go on with all the stuff I've heard over the past 15 months. Have I been following? You becha.

The only thing I ask, is that you do go out and vote. Don't yell at anybody, because they don't hold your views, don't call them names or worse stupid.  Remember, if they voted, they're not stupid. (maybe they just haven't studied the history and viewpoint of the selected candidate.)

So, I'm not going to say, each candidate has something to contribute. Or, our government is full of checks and balances. If you think Hill is going to win and you don't like it? Pick republicans for the down ballots to keep the check/balances in order. Same with trump.

That's all I'm going to say about politics. I normally don't talk about them.

Patricia A. Guthrie

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