Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"I was murdered."
The voice whispered through rustling trees. Startled, Elena Dkany looked around for the source. Nothing. No voice except the priest praying over her grandmother's coffin. In ninety-degree weather, goose bumps popped out on her arms. Hearing non-existent voices was not a good thing. She shook the cobwebs from her brain. Must be imagining things, a result from the long tragic week.

And so begins the adventures, dangers and tragedies Elena Dkany faces that take her from Evanston, Illinois to Amsterdam and on to Romania and the Carpathian Mountains. Beautiful scenery. Chaos and tragedy with some help from her deceased husband and her ex-boyfriend, Alexander Brancusi, a man she had no desire to see again.

You can find Legacy of Danger, published by LSP Digital on in print and Kindle.
I hope you enjoy this tale of abandoned castle, damsel in distress, international hitmen, ghosts,  a boy in a dream and an ex-boyfriend from a long time ago. If you enjoy this story, please leave a review in the Amazon Book Review section.

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