Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lost Website, Rave Review Book Club Virtual Convention, Author's Den Contest, Allergies


I just realized I hadn't posted since Wednesday. What have I been doing? You well may ask.

1. I lost my website. Literally. I cannot get it onto the Internet. It is, however, still on it site provider, Wix. Yahoo was the money end of it, and that seems to be gone. Today I'm going to update the site and try to find a place to carry it into Cyberspace. Good luck to me. A computer guru, I'm not.

LEGACY OF DANGER: I'm still waiting for my books to arrive from my publisher. Today, I think.
I have two book signings next week: Wed and Fri. and a bunch of people want to buy the print book, so yippee. I'm glad to get rid of these and order more. It appears the number on Amazon's rank keep going down and that's a good thing. However, STILL NO REVIEWS.  No, correction. I got one review and it disappeared. What's up with that?

Author's Den is having a Halloween party-contest. I'm entering LEGACY.

#RRBC (Rave Review Book Club) is preparing for a Dec 1-3 virtual writing convention. Cool, huh?
We will be holding workshops. I and Beem Weeks will be presenting "Writing the Perfect Book Review." I've got it outlined and now it needs polishing. Another task for today.

Allergies: I know I've been on and off in writing and sticking to my blog. I'm sorry about that. That's true with my life in general. Just had a scratch test (allergy test). So what am I allergic to? REally want to know? Everything in and out--seasonal that runs from March through the end of Nov or the first frost. Then, I'm also allergic to dust and mold so that can cover everything inside as well.
Fortunately, I'm not allergic to cats, only slightly to dogs and slightly to horses. I am allergic however, to all kinds of grasses, (that means hay) fields, mold that lies in the grasses and leaves falling off the beautiful trees. I don't know about leather. They didn't test for that. Probably if the equipment is moldy. Yikes.



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