Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What is this? This is a restaurant on top of a mountain in Salzburg, Austria. The reason it's up here is because I think of this when I spent my time creating a scene for LEGACY OF DANGER. Elena was in Romania, but this could easily have moved from Austria to Romania with an addition of the Sandor Inn's traditional Romanian flags and other cheerful Transylvanian facts scattered around the inn's lobby.

LEGACY OF DANGER is on and is available in print and on Kindle.

NOTE: My website is down. It started out on Yahoo (site builder) then I switched over the Wix, but still had to you through Yahoo to publish the site. Now, it appears Yahoo is no longer operating in this capacity. (I may be wrong) I will be re-doing (love that word) a website in the near future, but we still have our blogspot.  (don't even both to try the link)

Now, I'm writing an interview with my Legacy characters for a guest blog.


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