Monday, November 28, 2016


I can't believe the time went by so fast since Thursday. Been working hard on a blog about "How to Write the Perfect Review" with fellow author Beem Weeks. Can't wait until we get this together and take our show on the road. On the Writers' Conference & Book Expo road that is. I hope all of you who may be reading this will attend the conference and discover the Author and Vendor Booths (I'll have my three books for sale) and the many workshops to choose from.

Working on new and (hopefully) creative ways to get my new release LEGACY OF DANGER across to the public, so it will entice folks to purchase, read and review the book on Amazon.I hope it leaves you on the edge of your seat. 

I'm finding features in the book I want to share on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. The story of the ruby, the silver cross, the international Assassin Hadeon Petrov, I'll discuss Romania, Schipohl Airport, the artwork on the Romanian Monasteries, the castle, historical background and the story behind the saddle that Bear wears to carry Alex to the castle. (No, this is not a historical piece--definitely up-to-date.) Vampires? I could cover vampires too, but the only vampires in this story are the blood succors that drain blood and money from an unwary and vulnerable public. And, I'll discuss Archangel Michael who you'll meet in the next to last chapter. (well, maybe only the painting on the chapel ceiling. So if that wets your appetite, GOOD!  See you at the conference.

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