Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hey people!

So much anger. So much sadness. Me included. Yes, I'm very unhappy about the outcome of the election--however...   In my opinion, now is the time to give this guy a chance. I'm hoping the weight of the presidency will shock him into presidential behavior, teach him to listen to people who have more experience without getting his ego in the way and allow him to learn his job. We all have to learn new jobs.

We did (not me) vote for him. Maybe not a mandate, but through the electoral college. If we no longer want to EC or think we don't need it, then we need to raise our VERY LOUD voices (which we have)

The amounts of protest show us, a little too late, the amount of anger that he got elected. Well folks, where were you after the primaries, huh? Why not protest then, when it wasn't too late. We've been sitting back grousing, stirring up bad relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Never helpful.

Now what we CAN do, is make things better in our own environment and try to raise our voices when we see laws that we think wrong, are being enacted. We can do something.

We also should read our constitution so we know what the government is doing is wrong--or right.
Trump should read his, too.

Yes, I'm sad. I happen to think Hillary has been mistreated from the get-go. What the FBI did was unconscionable. I hope she finds another niche to champion. i'm sure she and Bill will. They always come up more-or-less unscathed. I hope Trump comes through his presidency unscathed too. (the stick foot in mouth syndrome) I pray for our country and everybody who will try to lead her in the right path.

God bless.

It's always better to give too much, pay too much, and love too much, than not enough.

But then, Patricia, since everything comes back to you anyway, can there ever be too much?

I love you too much anyway,
    The Universe Mike Tooley

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Juliet Waldron said...

Thanks for that, Patricia. I threw up for 3 days afterward. God Save America 'cause no one else will.