Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Notes from my head:  December 7, 1941. I'm not an expert

I'd just beenborn two years and a few months before Pearl Harbor. No, I don't remember all the broadcasts, the sadness and anger that day brought on the heads of all Americans. I do remember--maybe from historical broadcasts, the havoc it brought down on all the placid and innocent Japanese Americans forced into internment camps. I do remember many conspiracy theories that Roosevelt knew about this attack before it occurred. Reason? Because he felt if he let it happen, America would have to get into the war and thereby end it.  Where did I got this info? No idea. one of many places, I imagine.

Well, we did get into the war in the Pacific and in Europe. We did win. Evil was all around us. Some of the most dastardly deeds ever forced up a human population occurred during that time.

Take care,my good friends, never let it happen again. Yes, you can bring about change and prevent wars, even though we don't think we can.

Enough writing about something that's come from my head and not any research. Enough of politics and historical mayhem.

Going to go through my first draft of new RS novel.



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