Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Don't miss Linda Mim's NEON HOUSES on tomorrow's COTTAGE OF BLOG, tomorrow. 

Whether you're an author or reader, why not join RAVE REVIEW BOOK CLUB? You'll be glad you did. Over a thousand members, many great reads, a radio show(s) critique group, reviews, much, much more.

Still trying to decide what to write next. Should it be the cozy mystery series? OR My poor unfortunate first book of all time (for me) MATT'S MURDER. Needs a lot of work, but the first draft is done.

Problems: Too many characters? Too many problems? (not to mention those pesky point of view issues novices make) 

Have a good day. 

Pat G. 


Micki Peluso is the author of "And the Whippoorwill Sang" said...

Call me to remind me. I'm missing everything. I missed Suzanne's Spotlight and had to go back and do the whole week at once all because they take down the weekly updates and I use that for a calendar. I got 2 more reviews from RRBC finally. Let me know if you are entering your book for 18 dollars and buying that dumb teeshirt. Every day now they want money for something.

Patricia Guthrie said...

No T Shirt. I am enter the contest with Waterlilies and Legacy.