Saturday, February 25, 2017


Good morning bloggers,

I hope you enjoyed Linda Mims blog THE NEON HOUSES and that you picked up her book. It was a page turner. My review is on my blog and in Amazon as well.

If any of you are planning on a blog tour, please stop by and see me.

I also want to suggest you check out If you're either a reader or writer, there are some excellent sites on there and some awesome books. You can also check out #RRBC on

I'm currently watching THE TUDORS on Netflex. A lot better than I thought. (so far) As much as I like Jonathan Rhys Myers, I don't think he fits the part. First of all, Henry was a red head, Jonathan isn't. The story line seems to fit the historical events. Being a follower of Tudor history, I noticed some things--I won't share. It's a nasty, cold and snowy day in the Chicago area. Maybe I'll finish (but I doubt it. There's four seasons--many episodes, and I'm still on the first.

Went to the eye doctor yesterday. (fear of diabetes) No diabetes in the eye, but there is a hint of the beginnings of glaucoma. Yuck. Pressure is normal though. Some more tests in two weeks.We'll see.
Really hope not.

Books I'm reading: The Old House. A tale of reincarnation and centuries worth of love affair.

I wrote this while I was eating lunch. I'm going back to the warmth of my bed and my new TV (only 22 inches) but it's only a foot away from my viewing area.

Take care.


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